KSP Honor Guard

Did you know that the Kentucky State Police has a nationally acclaimed Honor Guard Unit?

During my travels throughout the United States and the World, I have long believed that the Kentucky State Police Honor Guard is among the best I’ve ever seen. That belief was solidified on May 14, 2010, when they placed first in the Fraternal Order of Police National Honor Guard competition in Washington, D.C.

Even more incredible is the fact that the KSP Honor Guard achieved this accomplishment as first time competitors; a first in this event. Judged by the 3rd United States Infantry Regiment known as the ‘Old Guard’, the teams were graded in three categories: inspection, posting of colors, and exhibition. Amazingly, the KSP team was number one in each category which turned out to be another first in the competitions’ records books.

Taking home the gold medal was made possible by a lot of people. Aside from the timeless efforts and commitment by our Honor Guard, many others contributed to their success. Numerous Post and Section personnel unselfishly filled the gaps in schedules and took on extra job duties. Vehicles and equipment were made ready by support and administrative personnel. Relatives of the team gave up valuable family time during the weeks of tedious drill and practice that have transpired over the past several months. Several private businesses donated a state of the art trailer with graphics and a casket for flag folding exercises. Winning first place truly was a team effort.

To learn more about the competition and see photographs of the event, visit our agency intranet site and click on the ‘Honor Guard’ icon. This achievement by your Honor Guard is truly an accomplishment that every member of our agency can be proud of. Although I am not in the habit of resting on our laurels, it certainly is nice to bask in the knowledge that our Honor Guard is the best in the nation. I suppose I knew it all along. Kudos to the best police honor guard in the United States!

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